Capoeira SuperKids

Our Capoeira SuperKids program(short for Superação Kids) is a great way to introduce childen, ages 3 and up to the exciting rhythms and the fun movements of capoeira, the acrobatic, high-energy Afro-Brazilian martial art. At our studio each child develops skills at their own pace with lots of encouragement and patience from our instructors. It's not just about having fun though. SuperKids develop lifelong skills and healthy fitness habits. For less than $20 a week your child can begin learning capoeira today and enjoy the following benefits.

Each class provides an hour of exercise. This is important as a recent survey reveals that 75% of children ages 5-10 don't get enough daily exercise. SuperKids develop good fitness habits and healthy behaviors that will continue into adulthood.

Capoeira SuperKids Class

Capoeira teaches balance, coordination and spatial awareness. SuperKids develop above-average skills for their age group and have fun learning acrobatic movements.

Capoeira SuperKids Class

SuperKids develop self-confidence and discipline. As they learn new skills they develop an "I CAN" attitude that carries over into their school work and home life.

Capoeira teaches culture, language and music. SuperKids will learn about the interesting history of capoeira and the culture surrounding it. They will learn to play traditional instruments and sing in Portuguese.

SuperKids learn to assert themselves and defend themselves, but more importantly they learn how to avoid fighting, how to handle bullying and how to help others.

Capoeira SuperKids Class

Most importantly SuperKids have fun at Capoeira Superação Arts & Fitness Studio. They look forward to each class and forget about TV, Video Games and tablets. SuperKids love capoeira.

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